Follow these tips to maximise your chances of earning yourself a second date.

Most of us are busy people. Work, social gatherings and other responsibilities keep us busy so it's easy to neglect your love life when your mind is focused on other things. So, what do you do when you want to meet new people but you can't find the time to fit in your schedule? 

Everyone has their own idea on what speed dating is. There are so many myths and stigmas out there attached to these types of events but the truth is, speed dating is one of the most effective ways to meet new people for dating. We often suggest clients invest in speed dating and here's why:

The key to successfully securing dates is exposure. Even if you have limited time to spare, speed dating only requires an investment of two hours and it allows the opportunity to meet and connect with up to 20 singles who have all come to the event with the purpose of getting to know you. The more people you meet, the more of an opportunity you will have to socialise, practice your dating skills and possibly connect with someone who is a perfect match for you.

We have been known to host some great events to ensure clients have a great experience and help them find them whatever it is that they are looking for. Whether your needs are casual or more serious, speed dating is definitely something all singles should employ on their quest to find love.

So, if you're interested in exploring what speed dating can do for your love life, here are some of our top tips to make sure you get the most out of the experience.

1. Research Your Options
There are many companies out there that organise speed dating events and all of them operate differently. Before you select, make sure you have done your research so you can find the event that will be right for you.

You can Google "speed dating" in your area and see what those companies have to offer. Pay attention to the types of events they throw. Look at things like target age ranges, niche specifics or themes. Also, don't be afraid to contact your event hosts and ask questions if you need additional information. Most will not mind answering any questions you may have about their process. This will help you get an idea as to what you should expect.

Also check on what you get for your money. Do you get any complimentary drinks? Any nibblies? Is the venue classy with a good atmosphere?

2. Dress Up
Yes, speed dating is a group event but it doesn't mean that it's not an actual date. It's really like having about 20-30 first dates and you should definitely dress appropriately to make the ultimate first impressions.

I always tell my clients that their clothes should make them feel like they are the hottest person in the singles market and it's true. If you are wearing something that makes you feel attractive, you will naturally exude confidence. Others will recognise it and will find your confidence attractive.

3. Show Up Early and Stay Afterwards
Try to show up at least 20-30 minutes earlier than the event start time. This will give you some time to register, get familiar with the venue and mingle around. This is also perfect opportunity for you to get to know the event hosts and ask questions.

Building a relationship with your event hosts can be of huge value if you are truly on the hunt for a new relationship. If your hosts know the type of person you are looking for, we may be able to point you in the right direction by initiating pre-event introductions with other participants.

Keep alcohol use to a minimum so that you will be clear-headed and able to think on your feet. There’s little time to correct a wrong first impression.

Also mingling afterwards with the other singles may create new connections or simply create new friends and can share your experience as well as listen from others point of view.

4. Reset Yourself Before Each Mini-Date
Just like any date, you should go in with an open mind and make an effort. Try not to let the events of the last date, good or bad, influence the direction of the next one. Give your attention to your current date and use it as an opportunity to engage each other and get a feel for them. Base your level of attraction on your date's presentation.

Focus on the person you’re talking with, not on the impression you’re making. Be interested in them, and they’ll be more likely to be interested in you. Keep it light and fun; take nothing personally. Be prepared for almost anything. Some people come with a script and questions, and occasionally can come across nervous and not talkative. Remember just be yourself. There is no need to slay them with your humour or wow them with your intelligence.

As with all social and networking events, keep your remarks positive. Avoid commenting on the other attendees. Appreciation is much more attractive than sarcasm, complaints and gossip.

5. Note Your Potential Matches
This is how the matches are made. Make sure you note the correct identifying info on your match card.

Instigator Hint: If there is the slightest bit of interest in a date, I would make note of them so you can connect just in case they happen to pick you too. You are only showing interest in a second date. No obligation to end up in a relationship just yet.

Your matches will be delivered via email within a 24 hour period.

Follow up with your matches. You went to find someone to spend more than four minutes with, so don’t miss your chance.

6. Have Fun
Last but not least, commit and HAVE FUN! This experience will only be as good as you make it, so again, go in with an open mind and enjoy yourself.

Don’t make it any more than that, and you’re likely to have a good time.