How to Attend One of Our Speed Dating Events

If you are interested in going to one of our events, simply go the Next Event or the All Events page, choose your preferred event and book your ticket

We will then meet you on the actual night where you will be greeted by our friendly hosts. Our events start at 7:30pm but we expect you to turn up at least 30 minutes earlier to present your ticket, have a complimentary drink upon arrival, relax and absorb the atmosphere. You will be given a card with a number which is used to determine whether your date is interested in you and would like to see you again. You will have four (4) minutes to spend with each date before a bell rings. From here you write down the person's number on your scorecard if you would like to see that person again. The guys then all rotate to the next table for the next round of "Speed Dates".

We generally have one break during the evening where you can grab a drink or enjoy our complimentary nibblies. The night finishes at around 9.30pm where you will hand back your scorecard to your hosts. You can hang around and continue to mingle as our hosts check for potential matches. A Match is when you have selected a particular person and that person has also selected you. We will then share your preferred contact details with the other person and vice versa. We also have a Perfect Match. That is where you have only selected one person out of all the dates you had and that same person has only selected you. If there is a Perfect Match we invite both individuals to the roof top bar to continue to get to know each other on the same night and provide another complimentary drink each.