Nowadays, life has gotten pretty quick, as people have no patience to spend a whole night with only one possible partner. That’s why speed dating and online dating became popular: they offer you multiple potential partners during a single event, and even if you couldn’t find the perfect match, declining them is much easier. Still, daters are quite diversified when it comes to decision making. This article might clean things up for you, and helps to decide which one is the right option for you.

Speed Dating: Quick, Real Contact

Speed dating is basically multiple micro-dates right after one another. There are a given number of couples, who have a short amount of time say 4-6 minutes to have a conversation. There are no restrictions; they are free to speak about anything. When the time is up, the contestants change partners, and everything starts again. The advantage of speed dating is that you see your partner face to face, so there are no surprises, or tricky profile pictures. Seeing someone in person, and hearing his or her voice makes it easier to decide whether you want to get to know the person better.

The short time is a double-edged weapon, though: an unfruitful conversation between two singles, who clearly don’t have a chemistry, doesn’t drag as long. On the other hand, you also have a limited time to talk to an attractive person, so you need to make an impression fast.

Online Dating: More Time, More Options

Online dating has some definite advantages over speed dating. First of all, if you find someone who shares your interests, you have as much time to talk as you want. The conversation is also helped by your profile, where you already shared some personal info. This way you avoid repeating the same bits regarding your work, age, education level, etc. Unlike speed daters, online daters have full control over who they want to contact, and there are no mandatory chat sessions. If you dislike each other, you can stop talking right at the beginning, and don’t have to sit there for another four minutes, awkwardly avoiding eye contact. Lastly, online daters can access hundreds or even thousands of singles with a simple click.

However, finding a partner on the internet isn’t without dangers. There are lots of scammers hunting for you money, not to mention all the fake and inactive accounts and people with indecent intentions. This is a growing frustration with online daters looking for a relationship as they could spend hours chatting to someone who does seem like a great match only to find they are fake or only saying things to appear to be a good catch. Despite the advantage of having more time, it can be wasted time.