This policy applies to ("COQUETO LTD") and outlines the use of personal information collected through the COQUETO LTD website. COQUETO LTD respects the privacy of individuals and generally does not release personal information.

COQUETO LTD may review and update this policy statement in accordance with changing law and technology as well as changes to the business operations of COQUETO LTD. The applicable policy will be that which is posted on the COQUETO LTD website at the relevant time.

Personal Information
The personal information acquired by COQUETO LTD is collected for COQUETO LTD's business purposes and includes, but is not limited to: name, address, contact details, gender, occupation and financial information (eg.Credit card details). Most of this information will be obtained by us during the membership registration process, any online forms and any necessary future updates to member information.

Sensitive Information
COQUETO LTD will generally not collect personal information relating to race or ethnicity, sexual orientation or activities, criminal record, physical or intellectual disability, status of health, political opinions, religious beliefs and membership to professional or other associations. If COQUETO LTD acquires any sensitive information from you, it will only be used and disclosed for the purpose it was provided by you.

Changes to your personal information
If there are any changes to the information you have provided to COQUETO LTD, you should diligently notify COQUETO LTD in order to maintain the efficiency of all services and communications. You may also notify COQUETO LTD at any time in order to correct any information it holds about you.

Information acquired from Third Parties
COQUETO LTD attempts to collect individual information directly from that individual. However, some situations may involve COQUETO LTD obtaining personal information from a third party. If you are a third party that provides COQUETO LTD with personal information about another individual, COQUETO LTD requires that you inform that individual of your disclosure and ensure that they read the information contained in this policy.

Security of Personal Information
COQUETO LTD takes all necessary and reasonable measures to protect your personal information from loss, modification, disclosure, misuse and unauthorised access.

Disclosure of Information
In the course of business conducted by COQUETO LTD, it may be necessary to disclose information to outsourced service providers who manage any service we provide to you (including customer services, billing and debt-recovery, information technology services, market research); your authorised representatives or legal advisors, credit-reporting and fraud-checking agents, our professional advisors including lawyers, auditors and accountants.)

The purpose of collecting this information is to enable COQUETO LTD to provide you with appropriate service and continue to enhance the services provided, personalise your interaction with COQUETO LTD, to enable COQUETO LTD to communicate with its members, give you the opportunity to receive adequate information from COQUETO LTD.

If you have any queries or need any feedback regarding the information contained in this policy, please do not hesitate to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.